Outdoor Adventures with Kestrel at Rockport Elementary School: spring session

Rockport Outdoor Adventures - Animal Survival
How do animals survive in the woods and fields of Rockport? With active games and outdoor adventures, we will explore a different means of survival each week.  We will build over sized animal structures such as burrows and nests. Through storytelling, tracking, and mimicking movements, we will discover how animals hunt or avoid predators. By working together like animal groups we will overcome survival challenges. Through sounds, calls, and signals we will play the parts of animals that communicate with one another.  After looking for animals that use camouflage to go unnoticed, we will find natural materials to make ourselves blend in. By incorporating all these activities, kids will understand many strategies that local animals use to survive in their habitats.

  • Dates and Times:  Monday afternoons, April 23-May 21,  3:00-4:30
  • Ages: Students in grades K-2 at Rockport Elementary School
  • Price: $80 for 5 weeks 
  • Location: Rockport Elementary School
  • To Register: Complete online payment or mail a check AND complete online registration form