Nature Adventures at Glen Urquhart School


As a nature adventurer, you will learn to survive and explore in the outdoors. This season’s focus is on warmth and energy. We will spend each week exploring different ways to get warm and stay warm, out in the wild. This will include some special shelter designs using natural materials to insulate, fire building techniques we can use even if wood is damp or frozen, and learning some rescues for people with cold injuries. We will also observe wildlife to learn how they conserve their energy to make it through the winter. What do they eat in the winter to get enough energy to stay warm, and what can we learn from them? What high energy foods can we eat outside in the winter? At the end of the season, you will know lots about surviving and wildlife and can take your friends and families on nature adventures and help them stay safe if they ever have to adventure in the cold.


Dates and Times: Thursdays January 11-March 1  

Ages: Grades 2-5

Price: $200 for eight weeks

Location: Meets at Glen Urquhart School

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