Sadly, the Get Outside Center is now closed, as we were not able to find a long term sponsor, and Main Street is expensive. Kestrel has temporarily moved to an office upstairs in the same building (186 Main Street, Gloucester). All our regular school, afterschool, and camp programming will continue. We will keep you posted as we look for a new meeting space.

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The Get Outside Center is the physical home of Kestrel Educational Adventures and the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team. Located in the heart of Gloucester, we created the center to connect more people, more deeply with their local wilds. The Get Outside Center is a place to ask outdoorsy questions and meet outdoorsy people. It includes a large map wall, local property guides, lending library, outdoor gear, digital microscope lab, kids activities, and a live animal exhibit. It also plays host to a number of programs and events throughout the year.

At The Get Outside center you can:

The Get Outside Center also seeks to coordinate public engagement efforts among the patchwork of land trusts, municipalities, governmental agencies, community groups, environmental advocates, and private citizens who are the gatekeepers and primary stewards of Cape Ann's local wilds.

The Get Outside Center is generously sponsored by: 

and Ronnie and Kenneth Kagle